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Jenn Hayward

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Justice, Jenn worked with provincial and federal governments and non-profits for 20 years. She then opened a courier company, Gopher It Deliveries, and shut it down in November in 2021.

Jenn’s specialty is working with government and businesses on connecting with their target audience. This includes Perceptual training, Gender and Cultural Analysis, Gap Analysis, Strategic Planning, and more.

The type of client Jenn likes to work with are management consulting firms requiring a niche view, a third eye and creative lens, and someone who can bridge corporate and culture, gender and culture, and gender and corporate to provide all options for their decision making processes.

How May I Help You?


Gender & Cultural analysis of your current policies and procedures. Get progressive and inclusive in a safe way with Jenn!


From Lunch & Learns to a full week’s training, Jenn will help with team building, perceptions training and as a comedian, she will ensure the session is as fun as it is educational!


If you are wanting stakeholder feedback, Jenn is your gal! She has run national engagement sessions on a variety of subjects and is an optimal choice for your business to get the feedback you need!

Work With Me

I’m a hoot! I will never present to be I am not and if I do not have the answer for you, I am connected enough to find someone who will!

I offer a free consultation on how I can best work with you to provide a better connection with your stakeholders.

I have won some awards if that is cool I’ll humbly share that I am:

2019 Febe Award Winner (For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs)

2020 Alignment Business Woman of the Year

2021 Ruth Martin Rotary Award

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